For those who haven’t gotten the memo, I am 10 weeks pregnant. We found out two weeks before Matthew’s first birthday. The other day Doug made the comment to someone, “Yeah, I think we want to just pop three out, then adopt one and be done with it.” I think that sums up our perspective nicely. I have seen the benefit after spending time with Jude and Ezra of waiting. Jude is four years older than Ezra, who is almost three. When Ezra gets upset Jude possesses the maturity to help in diffusing the situation. You don’t get that kind of help when you have two kids under two. But Doug and I talked and feel like we’re still in the crazy baby phase so why not stay in it for a little while longer? We’re embracing the chaos!
We announced it at Matthew’s first birthday by having him open a shirt that said “big brother.”

I think the majority of people found out via facebook.

Every day Matthew wakes up with more and more energy. I love spending time with him, but am definitely thankful for nap times and bedtimes. At this point I try to get out of the house by 8:15am for my work out class, and stay out until at least 11am, when we come home for lunch and then nap. He does so much better when he’s able to be outside for a long time and there’s nothing he can’t get into. And on helping mom to not have a daily heart attack, Matthew finally understands to go down backwards over every ledge. He took a couple spills at a park last week going forward over some ledges. I think experience gave him some wisdom.

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  1. Having “popped out” three in four years myself I think it’s great. Of course after experiencing the joys of grandparenthood for the first time I say the more the better and why wait? Especially since you two have proven to be such great parents.

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