In a month Bear will turn one year old. How crazy is that? Every day I feel like he wakes up with more energy. It is so fun watching him explore and figure things out. His new favorite game is putting things inside containers. His favorite toy is a racquetball container with the racquetballs. He is a little climber. If it has a ledge he will try to stand on it: a dishwasher, boxes on the floor, the bookshelf; it doesn’t really matter. He’s learned how to go down stairs, although every time he gets to a ledge he would like to go down forwards and still continues to do so. Bear and Sarah leave for Virginia on the 17th for thirteen days. Opa and Oma have some fun things planned, including a storytelling festival and the Neptune Festival. Matthew will also get to meet his great grandma for the first time. It will be the longest time away from DougyX in awhile. We’re all a little sad.

The airplane ride is probably the most concerning part of the trip. Bear isn’t quiet at the age where he can be entertained with quiet activities like reading a book or coloring. Nope, he likes to explore. And since he’s an expert walker, working on running it’s going to be a challenge for Sarah to keep him entertained.

On the home front, we’ve started looking again. We took a break over the summer and that seems to have worked in our favor. There are more houses in our price range. We think we’ve even narrowed it down to a neighborhood…But we’re still not sure getting locked into a mortgage right now is what we want. Currently we have complete flexibility to go where the Lord leads without the hassle of breaking a lease or selling a house (just in case).

Help me! My momma puts me in a crate! Just kidding. Today there was a pile of boxes blocking his way into the crate and he whined until we moved them out of the way. Whining. It plagues us. Whenever he wants something he whines now. When I’m eating something and don’t share, he whines. We’re working on teaching him to sign please right now. It doesn’t seem to be catching on.

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