10 reasons I’m excited about this house

1. A yard. Important for Matthew but we’re more excited about being able to open the door and say “Megan, go!”
2. No more stairs! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m pregnant or because Matthew weighs in at 20lbs, but I am winded every time I get to the top of our stairs.
3. Attic (for Doug)
4. Guest room. I hate asking people to sleep on the couch, or a floor when they come to visit. Now, when three or more come at a time we’ll still deal with this, but at least a couple people will be comfortable.
5. No more carpet in the dining area. Banana and avocado have left some pretty nasty stains on the carpet in the apartment. Megan helps, but she’s no carpet cleaner.
6. Largeish bath tub.
7. A laundry room and pantry that are not connected.
8. Kitty doors. Didn’t know we needed them, but we’ll hear less of Puck’s incessant meowing if he has free reign.
9. 3 minutes away from a park or two
10. 11 blocks from the Shafers

The inspection went well. There were several minor things that we’ll need to fix. The one big thing is the roof, which will need to be replaced in about 3 years. We’ll be getting some money back at closing for that, which is now set for December 15.

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