Matthew crawls! Sometime between Sunday (April 6) evening and Monday morning (April 7) he figured it out. At the end of last week he was a champion scoocher. He would start off on his belly, pull his knees in and get up on his hands. Then he would proceed to flop onto his belly and stretch out, which put his hands in front of him and then he would pull his knees in and get back on his hands, flop down again; repeating this move until he got where he wanted. (I hope that made sense, basically he was crawling like a catepillar). It was pretty entertaining and he was picking up speed. He attempts to bear crawl as well. It was just a matter of time…

We fed him cereal for the first time last night. It was pretty uneventful. It’s a very bland rice cereal with a lot of milk. With that tiny amount of cereal and a runny nose he was pretty messy when we finished. Mommy didn’t even think about putting a bib on him until she fed him this morning.

We’re suspicious that he he is teething again. Back in February he started drooling a lot, chewing on his hand, stopped sleeping through the night, and seemed slightly uncomfortable all the time. Early March his teeth popped out. It might be that time again.

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