crown-of-midnight-by-sarah-j.-maas-e1375233987357I really enjoyed Throne of Glass and heard really good things about the sequel. Crown of Midnight did not disappoint. I feel like the author did a fantastic job of continuing the story she set up and expanding the world. The characters continue to grow and change as they face various obstacles. I love the relationships she develops between the characters. They are complex and moving and even though there is much love in the story not everything is perfect.

Caelana makes a lot of mistakes. She trusts the wrong people and it gets her into trouble. She does learn from her mistakes, but she’s different after the fact. She can’t go back and undo them and I really love that. Picking up the pieces isn’t easy and even once Caelana has grieved she has shifted. The author surprised me once all was revealed–it was something that had been building since book one and the author did a fantastic job leaving bread crumbs but it still surprised me.

I usually hate love triangles in stories because I want one boy and one girl–but this one was handled elegantly. It wasn’t drama for the sake of drama. Dorian and Chaol had been friends for years and wanted to protect each other–I love that Caelana didn’t really come between them and that they were both willing to give her up for the other. There was still tension, but when it mattered they fought together. I loved watching Caelana and Chaol’s relationship grow out of mutual respect. He empowers her and doesn’t hold her back, even as he works to protect her. I really hope there’s a happy ending for them…

There’s still a lot of questions that remain and I can’t wait to see how Sarah Maas weaves everything together in the next book.

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