nerdy daddy=nerdy baby

We have gotten lots of new clothes for Matthew. All are extremely cute. But none quiet capture the heart of my husband like this onesie. We ordered it online a few months ago. Matty’s only allowed to wear it when he’s with daddy because I don’t want to be the one to explain it.

baby shower

Karen and Frank Montgomery threw us a baby shower in San Antonio. We were blessed by many of our old friends as they helped us welcome Matthew into the world. Most of them had been in our lives for over eleven years. I am thankful for the support and love they gave us and continue to give us.

Now I have the fun job of organizing everything in the bedroom that will double as an office and a nursery. It is a fun challenge and will continue so as more gifts are given. And with the arrival of the baby supplies the idea that we’re having a baby grows more solid in my mind. It doesn’t matter that my stomach feels like Matthew’s personal jungle gym, he’s still an abstract thought most of the time.

baby’s first toy

A few months ago Doug went to the UT auction and bought three 8088’s repair/training devices. His sole purpose for purchasing them is so he can teach Matthew how to repair computers built in the 80’s. That was a time when mere man could fix his own computer, a time we have left far behind. This is the first thing Doug bought for the baby—and for a while it was the only thing in the apartment for Matthew.

first movements

The first time I felt the baby move was May 6th while we were in New York City for Elena’s graduation. Doug, Grandma B and I were watching Mama Mia! on Broadway. Matthew was about the size of an onion at the time and we didn’t know he was Matthew. A few weeks later Doug felt Matthew and just this past week felt several strong kicks.

Now fifteen weeks later he doesn’t stop moving and distorts my entire stomach. Matty’s pretty rough and there are certain places he pushes against that I don’t appreciate. Luckily either I’m a hard sleeper or he sleeps well at night because I’ve never had trouble falling or staying asleep due to his movement. We’re definitely able to feel body parts at this point even though we can’t identify them yet.


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