almost 7 months old

Our baby boy keeps growing! He is a proficient crawler now. If you watched the video you notice that he frequently falls onto his tummy, but not anymore! He is also pretty fast…and sneaky. Today Momma turned her back for just a few minutes and he made it from the entryway to her plant by the back door and played in the dirt. By the time she found him he had dirt all over his face and his hands. Matthew is also pulling himself up on anything that looks like it will hold him. This has led to many falls, bruises and even a scratch. He bounces back quickly from most of the spills, and even has caught himself a few times when he started falling so what would have been a big fall was only a small bump. In the food department he’s started eating avocado, banana, sweet potatoes and green beans. I’ve been making the baby food. I thought it would be fun, and so far it has been. But it will be the first thing to go when I need extra time, and I doubt kid number three will be this lucky.

Doug and Matthew had their second over night together on May 2-3. Our church had their women’s retreat in Giddings, Texas at Camp Tejas. It was a good time for all around. I learned about rest and the importance of resting in the Lord. I had the opportunity to kayak on a very small pond as well as spend Friday night palying games and dancing. Doug took the kiddo rock climbing with Mike on Saturday at Rimers. I’m looking forward to the day when Matthew will surpass Doug as a rock climber.

We went to the pediatrician a few weeks ago. He was 271/4 inches long and 16lbs 14oz. He also got his third round of vaccinations. We don’t go back until he’s nine months old.

Matthew’s had a cough for a week now. On Saturday (May 3) he had his highest fever to date 100.8. I read it wrong at first and thought it said 108. I freaked out. I know what to do if it’s 101, but 108 seemed beyond my ability to fix. Doug cautioned me against entering panic mode when there is a serious problem.

scooching to crawling

Matthew crawls! Sometime between Sunday (April 6) evening and Monday morning (April 7) he figured it out. At the end of last week he was a champion scoocher. He would start off on his belly, pull his knees in and get up on his hands. Then he would proceed to flop onto his belly and stretch out, which put his hands in front of him and then he would pull his knees in and get back on his hands, flop down again; repeating this move until he got where he wanted. (I hope that made sense, basically he was crawling like a catepillar). It was pretty entertaining and he was picking up speed. He attempts to bear crawl as well. It was just a matter of time…

We fed him cereal for the first time last night. It was pretty uneventful. It’s a very bland rice cereal with a lot of milk. With that tiny amount of cereal and a runny nose he was pretty messy when we finished. Mommy didn’t even think about putting a bib on him until she fed him this morning.

We’re suspicious that he he is teething again. Back in February he started drooling a lot, chewing on his hand, stopped sleeping through the night, and seemed slightly uncomfortable all the time. Early March his teeth popped out. It might be that time again.


In March we visited family in Virgnia Beach. Matthew flew like a pro, with only small amounts of fussiness because we woke him up at 5am. But who isn’t cranky at 5am? And mommy’s arms just aren’t the most comfortable place to sleep for a growing baby.

While there we went to Orange to see my dad’s land, visited two wineries in the area, and looked at some horses. Opa (aka Grandpa Jerry) fed Matthew some whipped cream. This was the first thing Matthew tasted and mommy was not very happy with Grandpa…but she’ll get over it.
We also spent Easter with them and enjoyed a relaxing day with a tradtional Thanksgiving meal. Appearantly a traditional Easter meal is lamb (makes sense); while, Oma (aka Chris) and family usually ate ham, but that wasn’t palatable to the Drinka clan so we opted for turkey.

Matthew has two teeth now. The other one came through at the end of last week. He looks different with teeth, older somehow.

He’s also started saying “dadadadadada.” He hasn’t associated it with anything, but his vocabulary is increasing.

And crawling…as you can see from the video ( he’s getting there. He can definitely get to something when he wants it, but he looks more like a catepillar than a crawler.

growing and growing

It is crazy how quickly things are changing. On Sunday there was no tooth, on Monday there’s a tooth! We had a little bit of warning, but it just popped out pretty quick. The same with Matthew sitting up. He still wobbles, but just three days ago he couldn’t hold himself up at all. It is fun watching his development, but I am also sad at how quickly he’s changing. I miss my little little baby, who used to sleep all day in my arms. Really, it’s exciting to watch him grow. It just makes me want to have another baby and do it all over again now.

For those who like dates

March 6: Matthew laughed

March 15: five months old

March 16: sits up

March 17: first tooth breaks through

As you can see, March has been a busy month so far.

Since Lisa and Matt live in Austin now they watch Matthew on Monday nights so Doug and I can have a date night. We’ve only had it twice so far but it has been a huge help in giving us the space to have some time alone together. It makes us both better parents. Last night we were going to see Horton Hears a Who, but something else had taken over the theater…BATS! It reminds me of the bat that lived in our house for a few weeks when I was ten. Instead, we went to Amy’s Ice Cream and sat outside and talked. Much better use of our time, although we’ll see Horton and the whos someday.

Megan (our beautiful husky/german shepherd mix) is felling neglected. I know this because she peed on our bed. Sometimes our lives are pretty comical. Doug and I were extremely ticked off. But Matthew has taught me how to funnel my frustration/rage, so I refrained from beating the tar out of her. It was pretty amusing. I wanted to hit her so much, but every time those feelings rose up inside me, they were quickly dispersed into calm and an attitude of being willing to deal with the situation of cleaning up the mess. And that comes straight from taking care of Matthew. When he is screaming bloody murder and nothing I do calms him down, it can get a little frustrating. But as soon as the frustration starts to rise, patience quickly displaces any frustration. If all else fails I can just lay him in his crib and go take a shower. That always works.


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