oh my ear

Well, we finally found something that slows Matthew down, an ear infection. The poor guy started running a fever Wednesday evening while we were visiting family for Thanksgiving, and it didn’t let up until Saturday afternoon. For the most part during that time he just wanted to sleep, or be held (mostly by his momma), but he wasn’t super cranky and for the most part still slept well he did sleep. It wasn’t until Saturday and Sunday evening that things seemed to start making him really uncomfortable. He had trouble sleeping at night, and just wanted to be held by me all the time. He was definitely seeking comfort. We called the pediatrician Monday morning and went to see her that afternoon. So now he’s on antibiotics and seems to be feeling better, although still sleeping a lot and kinda lethargic when he is awake. And did I mention the constant need to be near me? The joy of motherhood…can’t even leave him to go the bathroom.

The one benefit of Matthew sleeping so much is that I got to do something I haven’t done in a long time…read. And I did. Rather than spending time with family, being social or even taking advantage of alone time with Doug I read five books in four days. All fiction. All fun. Nothing literary. The first was a book in a series I had never finished. It’s been years so I thought I would start at the beginning and work my through till the end. But then something distracted me. We went and saw Twilight on Wednesday afternoon and that made me curious about the book. So when I bought the other book I wanted to read, I purchased that one as well. Those occupied me the first two days. I devoured Twilight, so on the way out of San Antonio on Saturday I bought the next three in the series. I finished them all by Sunday morning at noon. I’m a little bummed that I was distracted from the original series I was trying to finish, but I did enjoy the vampire tales. Teenage novels. I thought I had outgrown them. I think my favorite part was being drawn into a pretty good story without all the nonsense drama that I’ve been watching on the television that past six months. It was predictable. But currently one of my favorite movies is Stardust, so what does that say about me? I like predictable make you feel good plots with just a hint of danger, but no real threat to the starring couple. Everyone ends up with who they’re supposed to end up with at the end.

It’s a feeling attune to when we went to the Circus and watched tight rope walkers. They were skilled. But I couldn’t truly enjoy their performance because they had no safety measures. No net. No harness. Nothing to stop them from plummeting to their deaths forty feet below. I don’t like that feeling.

As for the other little one, I’ve been feeling him/her move a little bit. I think I felt Matthew at 16 weeks and I’m 14 now. Supposedly once you know what you’re supposed to be feeling it’s easier to recognize. No movement right now though.

congestion doesn’t slow me down

Nothing slows this child down, congestion, fever or a few bumps and bruises. He ran into the wall this morning and there were tears, for a minute, and then he was back to wildly running around. I pulled his tractor out yesterday for him. He enjoyed riding on it for a few minutes, then he figured out he could pull it over next to things, like the couch and the coffee table, and use it to climb on top of them. He still loves climbing! We’ve got boxes around our apartment waiting to box things up so the other night Doug built Matthew a maze. They played in it for an hour or more. I used that time to read.
Another fun factoid, Matthew has started signing “more.” He doesn’t do it every time and yesterday when he wanted more snack he just put his empty snack container in my lap to communicate that he was still hungry. Matthew has also started trying to build with his blocks instead of just knocking over towers. He’ll pick up a block and add it to whatever Doug or I are building. He lacks finesse, so usually he still ends up knocking it over but it’s so neat to see him learning and trying.

what Matthew wants for Christmas…

As for the shrimp (that’s the little one’s current size measurement: about as big as a medium shrimp), we heard his/her heartbeat on Friday. It’s always a relief to hear that at this stage because beside feeling exhausted and packing on a couple pounds (2 exactly the past 12 weeks) I never know if (s)he’s doing OK. The heartbeat was in the 160’s and we’re both healthy. In eight weeks will find out if shrimpy is a he or a she. I told Doug this morning that I did not want to spend so much on clothes this time around, so if we have a girl unless you want her dressing like a little boy (or at least very boring) spread the love. 🙂

top ten

10 reasons I’m excited about this house

1. A yard. Important for Matthew but we’re more excited about being able to open the door and say “Megan, go!”
2. No more stairs! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m pregnant or because Matthew weighs in at 20lbs, but I am winded every time I get to the top of our stairs.
3. Attic (for Doug)
4. Guest room. I hate asking people to sleep on the couch, or a floor when they come to visit. Now, when three or more come at a time we’ll still deal with this, but at least a couple people will be comfortable.
5. No more carpet in the dining area. Banana and avocado have left some pretty nasty stains on the carpet in the apartment. Megan helps, but she’s no carpet cleaner.
6. Largeish bath tub.
7. A laundry room and pantry that are not connected.
8. Kitty doors. Didn’t know we needed them, but we’ll hear less of Puck’s incessant meowing if he has free reign.
9. 3 minutes away from a park or two
10. 11 blocks from the Shafers

The inspection went well. There were several minor things that we’ll need to fix. The one big thing is the roof, which will need to be replaced in about 3 years. We’ll be getting some money back at closing for that, which is now set for December 15.

home again home again

We have a house!

We got home late last night, and after my long day due to little sleep I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Here is a link to photos of the house click here. I would recommend looking at it quickly. I don’t know how long they will leave it up since there is a contract pending on the house. Doug and I walked in and felt like it was everything we’ve been looking for. It’s one story with high ceilings in all the rooms, wood floors in the dining/living room, tile in the kitchen, carpet in the bedrooms. The kitchen is a nice size with room for a little breakfast table. The master bedroom is huge, and they recently updated the master bathroom. The other two bedrooms are also a nice size. It’s the mother-in-law plan so those bedrooms are down a different hallway. It backs up to the green belt, and then there is an open field to the right for drainage, which is what makes or breaks a house for Doug. He doesn’t like being penned in by houses.

So here’s the drama: Five minutes after seeing this house we called to find out from the owner’s realtor what activity was like on the house. She informed us that they had received an offer yesterday that was very low and had sent them a counter-offer. So with the counsel of our realtor, (yeah Leah!) we decided to move quickly. Our hope was to put in an offer that would end the other negotiations, and it worked. But it took a long time yesterday for the owner’s realtor to get in touch with the other people and rescind that offer. And while all that was going on, the owner received a third offer on the hosue. So their realtor told us she was going to present both offers to the owner at 4pm. Doug and I decided to aggresively raise our initial offer and at 5pm Leah called us and informed us we had a house!

Doug and I have seven days to opt out. We still need to get the house inspected and get financing, which has proved to be a little troublesome. Since two D. Drinkas exist in the world, a couple credit cards appeared on Doug’s credit report that are not his. One of them was opened in 1979 before Doug was born. Doug disputed those, but it will take 30 days to get them removed from his credit report and it will help his credit rating if they are gone. As for me, well, I just don’t have any good credit and there are a couple boo-boos that really hurt my credit score. Everything we’ve taken a out a loan for has been in Doug’s name so no good things for me. With all this, we’re hoping we can push back the closing date (which right now is set for Dec 12) so that Doug has time to get these readjusted so we can get a better loan option. We’ve been preapproved for a loan, so this won’t keep us from getting the house.

While all this was happening yesterday we took Matthew to the Shriner Circus. He sat and watched the whole thing. He especially loved the elephants. During intermission they set up pony and elephant rides so we took Matthew down to see them up close. He also ate cotton candy for the first time. It’s amazing how sticky and messy that stuff is when you drool a lot. Matthew got it all over himself and me. The Lemmons went with us. During the breaks they would have clowns come out and provide entertainment. One scene a clown came out with small stuffed animals you would find at a circus: a tiger, a giraffe and an elephant. He took out a key and wound up the tiger, but it didn’t move so he kicked it across the stage. Then he tried to wind up the giraffe but it didn’t move either, so it too was kicked. And then he wound up the elephant and it started prancing around the stage. But then it ran out of juice and fell over. So he wound it up again. And it went for a little while and then fell over. When this animal fell over it laid completely still. He picked it up and shook it a little, carried it by it’s tail. So we thought, well maybe its a robot. But when it walked it looked like an animal, or a very very good robot. Well, the clown got so frustrated with the elephant for continuing to fall over that he wound him up and wound him up and wound him up, so much so that he broke the elephant. It wouldn’t move, it fell over when he tried to stand it up. I tell you all this because William (2) was so sad when the elephant broke. There was a tear. It was so cute! Poor guy. Finally, something happened and the clown revealed that it was a tiny dog in an elephant costume. Hooray! William was happy then. Another funny Lemmon story, while all the adults were talking about what the elephant possibly was, Olivia looked at us and said, “It’s an elephant!”


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