snowed out!

Due to a blizzard that is supposed to hit the New York area this afternoon our flight was rescheduled for Saturday. Reasons this is good for us:
1) Doug finished his work projects
2) Doug gets a haircut
3) We can run errands during the day instead of the middle of the night
4) Matthew’s diaper rash has time to heal before we get on a plane
5) Lemmon’s Christmas party tonight

home owners

We walked away with keys today. It still feels sort of surreal. Tomorrow our refrigerator is getting delivered and I’ll take a few boxes with me while I hang out in the two hour window they gave us. I think hanging some clothes up in the closet might help it feel more like ours. Doug and I had a really good day today. We had several hours between our final walk through, and Mom and Lisa were watching Matthew, so we took advantage of the time to run errands. It was 37 outside so I’m not sure if the cold weather made us extra goofy, or the euphoria of home owning was the reason for our high spirits.

We’re moving in on January 3rd.

first picture

Baby number two at 6 weeks. Not much to see except the heartbeat. Doug and I enjoyed getting to see the baby this tiny…just a little fluttering on the monitor. We’ll get another ultrasound mid-January and, if apple cooperates, we’ll find out whether it’s a boy or a girl and can then refer to he/she by name, rather than by the fruit size of the week.

letter from santa

Matthew got his first letter in the mail today. It was from Santa, assuring him that he had been a good boy. It came with a picture of Santa and Mrs. Claus, and a sticker. I’m glad the big guy is already watching him, before Matthew’s aware of his (pseudo) existence. It will definitely make it into the baby book.

Matthew knows how to open the doors in our apartment, and the front door. I always keep the front door locked now. He figured it out just in time for us to move and change it up on him. The new house has knobs, not handles so it will be a little trickier. And if I haven’t mentioned this before, the kitchen is completely baby proofed…he’s gonna be so mad!

Everything is looking great for the house. Doug’s credit is golden, we’ve been approved for financing. Really all that’s left is getting insurance and Doug has assigned that task to me. Ugh! He thinks it’s important that I do it, and he has a lot on his plate right now, so I will. Today. And we might actually have movers come on the 16th or 17th to move our stuff. It will be crazy and stressful but we’re both ready to be in the house.

Most of our Christmas shopping is done. Hooray! It was pretty painless this year, even for Doug. And now, except for the packing rampage that is about to begin, I can relax and enjoy the holidays.


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