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“The doctrinal matters that have divided evangelical Protestant denominations from one another have almost uniformly been matters on which the Bible places relatively little emphasis, and matters in which our conclusions must be drawn from skillful inference much more than from direct biblical statements” (Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology).

The above reeks with humanity. I see no picture of Christ, no unity. The easiest thing to do when there is a disagreement between groups of people is to split off. One of the reasons I have so much respect for Martin Luther is because his heart was never to divide from the Catholic Church. He saw things that were wrong and needed to be changed. I wasn’t taught that growing up in a Protestant church. Growing up Methodist, frequently attending a Catholic Church, and now part of a church most closely affiliated with Baptists, it all seems a little silly.

We can’t really undo hundreds of years of damage and division. And sometimes there are issues worth dividing over. But as Grudem pointed out above, those issues (like the diety of Christ, or the Word of God) are not the ones that Protestant churches have been quibbling over. Why do we take the little things and choose to do on this hills? Sometimes I think we make the Enemy’s job too easy.

ice cream

some videos for your enjoyment

and five minutes later…

So the story is Mom A, Lisa and Amy took Matthew for Doug and I on Friday night. Doug and I went to Meredith’s birthday party where we participated in square dancing with live callers, that Aaron found on google. After cake I came home and slept great. Meanwhile, Matthew went to bed around 8pm. He woke up at 11pm and didn’t go back to sleep until 4:30am. Could it have anything to do with the loads of ice cream those three fed him? He was up again at 9am and they brought him home. He went down at his usual nap time (12:30/1pm) and slept for FIVE hours. And then he still went to bed at his normal time and slept through the night. So, sugar=late night with baby.

3am badness

Doug stayed up late to work on some stuff for work when he heard a strange cough coming from Matthew’s room. He paused to listen and heard the cough again. He rushed in there to see what was wrong to discover that Matthew had vomited. He didn’t know what to do, so he called for me. Luckily, due to my crazy pregnancy, 3am is about the time I wake up every night wide awake, my body practically ready to start the day. Matthew was sitting up in his crib looking very confused, and pretty cute considering the circumstances. We took him out to the living room and held him, gave him a little water and he threw up again. Thank the Lord for wood floors, clean up wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. I cleaned up while Doug went and sat in the bathroom with him. After that, we watched an episode of the Backyardigans, and he threw up for the third and final time. I gave him a bath and rocked him to sleep while Doug set up the pack ‘n play in our room. We wanted him close just in case there was another incident, but I really didn’t want him making that kind of mess on our bed.

The cause? Well, Matthew likes to “hide” his sippy cups, and he found one yesterday from two days ago that had milk in it. Pretty sure that’s what made his tummy angry. He seems all recovered this morning and I think we’ve found all the old cups. So it was bad, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. And Matthew’s sitting on the desk right now. We’re trying to teach him not to climb up on the desk, table or the coffee table but he’s pretty sneaky. I really hope our girl doesn’t climb this much. I can feel her moving a lot now. She’s most active in the evening after Matthew’s asleep and I’m not moving around as much.

boxes, boxes and boxes

Even when they’re empty they’re still plaguing me.


No, not the singer. Matthew’s room will have to make way for pinks, purples and other girly colors. As someone else said, “we’re diversifying.” As for names, top on the list is Kyler, with no close competitors but Doug doesn’t want to commit just yet. Twilight fans will love that my seond favorite is Isabella. Will it help if I say I’ve liked that name long before Stephenie Meyer made that her heroine’s name? I’m not sure how much of all this Matthew is comprehending. I’m sure it’s more than I think, but not enough to really understand. He definitely loves playing with my ever growing belly. Sonogram pics and the video will be posted soon (as soon as Doug gets a free moment).

So, that news trumps everything else. We spent Christmas in Vermont with family and New Year’s Eve with close friends. Matthew got tons of attention. When we got home we started sleeping at the house, and five days later had movers come with all the big furniture. (Thanks to everyone who helped us out with that!) We still have some stuff at the apartment, mostly Doug’s collection from auctions.

Over the break Matthew started signing “more,” and “please” was quickly added. Right now we’re working on “milk.” He’s grown and is now tall enough to climb up on the couch and chairs. And once he’s up, he’s always looking for what he can climb onto next. For instance, while I’ve been writing this, he climbed on the chair that I’m sititng on, and then used that to climb onto the desk. He’s very proud of himself when he manages to do something like that. When he gets on the couch he loves to run up and down it; it’s a very unstable run, close to the edge. He hasn’t fallen off yet, but when he does it will hurt. There have been close calls. And then, maybe, he won’t do it again?


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