birthday wasps

A few weeks ago Lisa and I had a joint birthday party. Everything went really well. People were enjoying the appetizers, the burgers were cooked to perfection. A few people were eating outside in the Spring weather. All of a sudden the back door opens and everyone who was outside rushed back in. The wasps had attacked. They were crawling around on the side of the house and people. A few hitched a ride into the house, and were later hunted down and brutally murdered with shoes. A few people got stung, one being Violet Lemmon (19 months old) who got stung twice on her neck. Poor baby. She handled it like a champ though. Some anti-sting medication and a couple skittles and she was happy as a Lemmon.

A few days later I found another wasp who had escaped the death hunt. He left me alone and I left him alone, until he was crawling around on the floor today and I smushed him. Ever since the party Doug has been on a quest to kill the wasps. We haven’t found any nests and aren’t sure what type of wasp we’re dealing with. Doug saved the one I killed to compare with pictures online. So far, the wasps have kept us from using our grill, but they don’t keep us inside during the day.

And Matthew’s latest desire is to ride his John Deere tractor down the porch steps. He was especially persistent about it today. It takes a lot of energy to keep this little guy alive.

taking his time

So Matthew’s a little behind verbally right now. And honestly, I’m not concerned. I know he understands me, and he’s picking up sign language quickly now. We taught him to sign for milk when he wants something to drink. But his usual way of letting us know he’s thirsty is to stand in front of the fridge pulling on the freezer drawer making as much noise as possible. Another reason I’m OK with the delay is once kids start talking, it isn’t long before they start talking back. I have enough patience right now to say “no” to Matthew and then to discipline him appropriately when he doesn’t obey. But I know it’s going to rile up my flesh when I hear him say “NO!” back to me in his angry toddler voice. And some of the toddler behavior is there, just without the talking. But I am looking forward to some things. I imagine Doug and I will enjoy listening to him, even more than we do now. And the funny stories that will result, like the one below…

Did He Just Say That?

February 24, 2009 by oliviaengstrom

Another edition….

During the last month, we potty trained GTB (yay!). Its been an adventure to say the least, but one of the most priceless moments came as he was sitting on the porcelain bowl at the outlet mall. Out of nowhere his eyes welled up with tears.

OTown: “What’s wrong?”

GTB (crying): “I’m hurting Nemo!”

That’s right, “I’m hurting Nemo.” Remember the scene in Finding Nemo when Nemo jumps into the toilet?

OTown: “Its okay GTB. Nemo’s fine because all drains lead to the….”


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tolkien and lewis

After continued dwelling on yesterday’s blog, I racked my brain trying to come up with a way that people can have sharp disagreements and still maintain unity. Tolkien and Lewis could be a great example of that. Tolkien was Catholic and because of his influence and friendship Lewis heard the gospel and believed. But Lewis embraced Protestantism and his writings and apologetics took on an anti-Catholic tone. And even later when Lewis married, Tolkien didn’t approve. This seems to have been the final blow to their friendship. All the articles I found online left their friendship there. So I don’t know if we look to them as a solution or not. But what if we did? Some articles talked about their combative relationship and rude behavior toward one another, complete with insults. But it all hinges on how the friendship ended. Did they, in the end, consider one another friends? Were they able to set aside their differences on some level and acknowledge that they worshiped the same Christ? If so, then I feel like we have an example. Not a perfect one. But maybe a place to start. An acknowledgement that believing something slightly different about baptism doesn’t necessarily need to lead to a completely different church.


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