presents from puck

A few weeks ago on our front porch we found some tiny animal guts. This afternoon we found feathers on our bedroom floor. Presents from our cat. We’ve had Puck for four years now, and this is the first time he left us something. I don’t know what happened to change his attitude to where he wants to bring us things. We’ve had a house before, and he had access to the outdoors at our apartment. Maybe he appreciates the liberty of having a kitty door again after almost three years of not having one.

Doug’s worried that we’re going to find more than just feathers hidden somewhere else in the house. He looked under the bed and there’s nothing in plain sight. If I start complaining about something stinking up the house in a few months, remind me of the elusive bird.

life is good

These are pictures of Matthew playing in the backyard. He entertains himself really well outside. He enjoys picking up sticks and carrying them around, or putting them in the fountain. And the tractor is always a big hit.

This is the box that one of my birthday presents came in. (Thanks Dad and Chris for the cookbook stand). Dad told me to tape it up and mail it to him.

This picture is in our shower, one of Matthew’s favorite places to play in our house. He especially enjoys it when there is still water on the ground and he can splash in the puddles. He will also climb into the shower with whoever is in there.

The story behind this outfit. Doug and I were at Costco and we walked by this rack that had about 30 different spring dresses for little girls. I stopped to peruse, thinking about dressing up Kyler(?) for Easter next year. I remember being a little girl and picking out a new Easter dress, and loving it. And it was always agony to have to wait the two weeks to wear the new dress. Add to this that I already have a Valentine’s Day outfit for her (super cheap at Old Navy the week after, couldn’t resist) and I started feeling a little guilty for not getting excited about the holidays with Matthew. Now, I foresee that “dressing up” won’t be that important to him, but I decided that this year I would get him an Easter outfit. And here you have it. Super cute.

oh dear

Doug and I were woken up by a loud woosh this morning at 5am. It sounded kinda like a flood of water had opened up outside. But there was no flood outside. It was inside. Doug and I both just listened for a minute and then I prepared to go back to sleep. But Doug hopped out of bed to check it out. After he didn’t come back right away, I followed him and found him in the kitchen under the sink, hot water pouring out of the connection between the hot water line and the sink. Doug was struggling to turn off the hot water valve. It didn’t cooperate. So he went to the garage to get a wrench while I grabbed towels and started mopping the flood rising in our kitchen. The water valve ended up breaking so then Doug climbed up into the attic and turned off the hot water at the water heater. The sink is still dripping, as well as our shower (cold water) which I don’t quiet get, but at least the flood is now a gentle trickle.

Luckily this mess will be covered by the home warranty. And thanks to Doug’s rush of adrenaline he won’t be going back to bed this morning. Me, I’m still undecided.

doug’s new brother

After years of being surrounded by girls (2 sisters and 2 sisters-in-law) Doug is no longer alone. Welcome to the family Per! He and Elena are engaged with a wedding ceremony soon to follow so all the pieces of their adventurous lives can fall into place. We are super excited for Matthew to have another uncle, to have Elena and Per back in the States, and (fingers crossed) eventually in Austin. We have dreams of jet skiing, shockey ball tournaments and double dates. And mostly we’re excited for Elena and Per as they embark on this journey and the next season of life.

We love you both.

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