11 things

1. Matthew got bit by a duck at the Strawberry Festival’s petting zoo.

2. Next time I’m pregnant and in my third trimester we need to find a temporary home for our dog. I have no patience with her at this point in my pregnancies, poor thing.

3. I hate that it’s April and still 50 degrees outside. I think I need to live somewhere that never gets below 60.

4. Matthew is becoming more and more prone to temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.

5. Matthew figured out how to take the canister off the vacuum cleaner and I might just end up with a big mess all over the floor.

7. I only have 8 more weeks to go…seriously considering having my doctor induce me on May 29th.

8. We still haven’t picked a name. Doug doesn’t like anything better than Kyler but still isn’t ready to commit.

9. Grandma A bought her a really cute yellow dress with strawberries on it at the Strawberry Festival. It will probably be what Kyler(?) wears home from the hospital.

10. I need to learn to count. Thanks dad for pointing that out. 🙂

11. I quizzed Doug on emoticons the other day. Anyone know what this means?


Doug didn’t.

a danish fairy tale

On Tuesday, March 31st in Denmark Elena and Per were married. The entire Drinka clan was sad to miss the festivities, but look forward to celebrating with them in the Fall…welcoming Per to the family Texas style. It’s appropriate that they do this twice, honoring two cultures, two lives becoming one.

our weekend thus far

I woke up late Friday morning. Matthew woke up around 8:30 but since I hadn’t taken a shower yet, he played in his crib while I rushed through that. Thankfully he is pretty content to play in his crib for awhile. I rushed him through breakfast, making oatmeal which was the fastest thing we had available. I left him to his own devices while I went to blow dry and straighten my hair. I came out periodically to check on him. In between those trips, I heard a bad noise, like he had knocked something over. He’s standing on a chair, a puddle of milk on the floor, on the chair around his feet and some dripping off the table. And my iPhone sat in the now empty glass. I was pretty proud of myself for not getting upset with Matthew at all. Sure, I’m bummed about my phone, but Matthew was just being a child.

So I grabbed some towels, hollered for Doug and started cleaning up the mess. Matthew saw how I cleaned up the mess and grabbed hold of a towel and started “wiping” up milk alongside me. Pretty cute. Doug checked out my phone and turned it off. It turned itself back on. It didn’t like to stay off. The rest of Friday got a little better–lucnh with a friend and pleasant ride to San Antonio, with a quick stop at the outlet mall to get some clothes for Doug.

Friday evening I attended a Creative Writing reading with Mom, and then a fancy dinner at a couple’s house. Valet parking, people, at their house. That was probably the fanciest part. I mingled with grad students and professors and patrons all involved with the English department at UTSA. It gave me a glimpse of what my life could have been like had I chosen a different path. Anybody think I made a mistake picking Matthew? That’s what I thought. 🙂

After that went back to Mom’s house and woke up Matthew getting ready for bed. We forgot the pack ‘n play, and he hadn’t slept much on the car ride to San Antinio, which was during his usual nap time. It was a RESTLESS night for him. Doug estimates he probably slept for four hours. He cried at the beginning but towards the end really just wanted to get up and play. At some point Doug told me to go sleep in Anna’s room and he’d stay with Matthew. So I got a few more hours than either of them. I woke him up at 8:30 for breakfast, and around 9:30 we headed for the zoo. We spent the day observing various animals. Matthew loved the things that moved: monkies, fish, eels, hyenas, and birds. He was afraid of turtles. In the aquarium they had a huge tank, the only one that Matthew could see without being lifted up, and it had four turtles in it swimming right along the glass. They made him a little nervous. We ended our trip at the petting zoo. Mom helped Matthew feed and brush the goats. Matthew loved this part.

We left there around 3pm all of us dragging a bit. Again, no nap for Matthew; although he did sleep almost the whole way home to Austin. I fed him dinner at 5pm. And put him to bed just three minutes ago. I need my rest and he needs his. We’ll put some videos and pictures of our trip to the zoo up when Doug has some free time.


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