Well, we finally found something that slows Matthew down, an ear infection. The poor guy started running a fever Wednesday evening while we were visiting family for Thanksgiving, and it didn’t let up until Saturday afternoon. For the most part during that time he just wanted to sleep, or be held (mostly by his momma), but he wasn’t super cranky and for the most part still slept well he did sleep. It wasn’t until Saturday and Sunday evening that things seemed to start making him really uncomfortable. He had trouble sleeping at night, and just wanted to be held by me all the time. He was definitely seeking comfort. We called the pediatrician Monday morning and went to see her that afternoon. So now he’s on antibiotics and seems to be feeling better, although still sleeping a lot and kinda lethargic when he is awake. And did I mention the constant need to be near me? The joy of motherhood…can’t even leave him to go the bathroom.

The one benefit of Matthew sleeping so much is that I got to do something I haven’t done in a long time…read. And I did. Rather than spending time with family, being social or even taking advantage of alone time with Doug I read five books in four days. All fiction. All fun. Nothing literary. The first was a book in a series I had never finished. It’s been years so I thought I would start at the beginning and work my through till the end. But then something distracted me. We went and saw Twilight on Wednesday afternoon and that made me curious about the book. So when I bought the other book I wanted to read, I purchased that one as well. Those occupied me the first two days. I devoured Twilight, so on the way out of San Antonio on Saturday I bought the next three in the series. I finished them all by Sunday morning at noon. I’m a little bummed that I was distracted from the original series I was trying to finish, but I did enjoy the vampire tales. Teenage novels. I thought I had outgrown them. I think my favorite part was being drawn into a pretty good story without all the nonsense drama that I’ve been watching on the television that past six months. It was predictable. But currently one of my favorite movies is Stardust, so what does that say about me? I like predictable make you feel good plots with just a hint of danger, but no real threat to the starring couple. Everyone ends up with who they’re supposed to end up with at the end.

It’s a feeling attune to when we went to the Circus and watched tight rope walkers. They were skilled. But I couldn’t truly enjoy their performance because they had no safety measures. No net. No harness. Nothing to stop them from plummeting to their deaths forty feet below. I don’t like that feeling.

As for the other little one, I’ve been feeling him/her move a little bit. I think I felt Matthew at 16 weeks and I’m 14 now. Supposedly once you know what you’re supposed to be feeling it’s easier to recognize. No movement right now though.

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