Matthew got his first letter in the mail today. It was from Santa, assuring him that he had been a good boy. It came with a picture of Santa and Mrs. Claus, and a sticker. I’m glad the big guy is already watching him, before Matthew’s aware of his (pseudo) existence. It will definitely make it into the baby book.

Matthew knows how to open the doors in our apartment, and the front door. I always keep the front door locked now. He figured it out just in time for us to move and change it up on him. The new house has knobs, not handles so it will be a little trickier. And if I haven’t mentioned this before, the kitchen is completely baby proofed…he’s gonna be so mad!

Everything is looking great for the house. Doug’s credit is golden, we’ve been approved for financing. Really all that’s left is getting insurance and Doug has assigned that task to me. Ugh! He thinks it’s important that I do it, and he has a lot on his plate right now, so I will. Today. And we might actually have movers come on the 16th or 17th to move our stuff. It will be crazy and stressful but we’re both ready to be in the house.

Most of our Christmas shopping is done. Hooray! It was pretty painless this year, even for Doug. And now, except for the packing rampage that is about to begin, I can relax and enjoy the holidays.

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  1. personal opinion- hiring a moving company is the way to go!! we have always tried the low cost approach and made our friends and family help us move, and I say it’s so not worth it! Yay for being in the house soon!

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