Yesterday we headed to San Antonio to help Mom (B) set up her new computer. OK, Matthew and I went more to see people and for the trip to the outlet mall. One of the essential items we bought was a winter jacket for our trip to Vermont. We put it on Matthew in the store and it looked like he was wearing a trench coat; the sleeves hung way over his hands. It was the smallest size they had. He’ll be able to wear it for two winters. And since we could almost get away without this heavy jacket living in the south, I guess we’ll need to take a couple trips to really cold places. Any suggestions? Alaska? Canada?

And now on to the more exciting news…While we were sitting around the kitchen table talking Callie (the family cat) walked by. Matthew saw her and started to run after her and said something that definitely sounded like “kitty!” Grandma B called it and thus we have his first word. In keeping with words, Matthew now picks up a book and carries it to me to read to him. When we play in his room he’ll do this pretty often. I’m taking it as a sign that he enjoys reading. So far his favorites are “Squirrel is Hungry,” “The Foot Book,” and “Ten Tiny Tickles.” He’ll pick out others, but he’s brought these ones to me multiple times, especially that squirrel book. He’ll hand me the book and then flap his arms and grunt excitedly until I put him in my lap and then he puts his thumb in his mouth and leans back against me. Right now this is one of the few times when he cuddles.

We were out pretty late last night. Matthew wouldn’t lay still long enough to fall asleep, and since I didn’t have a way to confine him I just let him run around. He was still going at 10:30pm when it was time to leave. I wonder how long he could go before he just falls asleep. Maybe someday we’ll find out.

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