We have a house!

We got home late last night, and after my long day due to little sleep I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Here is a link to photos of the house click here. I would recommend looking at it quickly. I don’t know how long they will leave it up since there is a contract pending on the house. Doug and I walked in and felt like it was everything we’ve been looking for. It’s one story with high ceilings in all the rooms, wood floors in the dining/living room, tile in the kitchen, carpet in the bedrooms. The kitchen is a nice size with room for a little breakfast table. The master bedroom is huge, and they recently updated the master bathroom. The other two bedrooms are also a nice size. It’s the mother-in-law plan so those bedrooms are down a different hallway. It backs up to the green belt, and then there is an open field to the right for drainage, which is what makes or breaks a house for Doug. He doesn’t like being penned in by houses.

So here’s the drama: Five minutes after seeing this house we called to find out from the owner’s realtor what activity was like on the house. She informed us that they had received an offer yesterday that was very low and had sent them a counter-offer. So with the counsel of our realtor, (yeah Leah!) we decided to move quickly. Our hope was to put in an offer that would end the other negotiations, and it worked. But it took a long time yesterday for the owner’s realtor to get in touch with the other people and rescind that offer. And while all that was going on, the owner received a third offer on the hosue. So their realtor told us she was going to present both offers to the owner at 4pm. Doug and I decided to aggresively raise our initial offer and at 5pm Leah called us and informed us we had a house!

Doug and I have seven days to opt out. We still need to get the house inspected and get financing, which has proved to be a little troublesome. Since two D. Drinkas exist in the world, a couple credit cards appeared on Doug’s credit report that are not his. One of them was opened in 1979 before Doug was born. Doug disputed those, but it will take 30 days to get them removed from his credit report and it will help his credit rating if they are gone. As for me, well, I just don’t have any good credit and there are a couple boo-boos that really hurt my credit score. Everything we’ve taken a out a loan for has been in Doug’s name so no good things for me. With all this, we’re hoping we can push back the closing date (which right now is set for Dec 12) so that Doug has time to get these readjusted so we can get a better loan option. We’ve been preapproved for a loan, so this won’t keep us from getting the house.

While all this was happening yesterday we took Matthew to the Shriner Circus. He sat and watched the whole thing. He especially loved the elephants. During intermission they set up pony and elephant rides so we took Matthew down to see them up close. He also ate cotton candy for the first time. It’s amazing how sticky and messy that stuff is when you drool a lot. Matthew got it all over himself and me. The Lemmons went with us. During the breaks they would have clowns come out and provide entertainment. One scene a clown came out with small stuffed animals you would find at a circus: a tiger, a giraffe and an elephant. He took out a key and wound up the tiger, but it didn’t move so he kicked it across the stage. Then he tried to wind up the giraffe but it didn’t move either, so it too was kicked. And then he wound up the elephant and it started prancing around the stage. But then it ran out of juice and fell over. So he wound it up again. And it went for a little while and then fell over. When this animal fell over it laid completely still. He picked it up and shook it a little, carried it by it’s tail. So we thought, well maybe its a robot. But when it walked it looked like an animal, or a very very good robot. Well, the clown got so frustrated with the elephant for continuing to fall over that he wound him up and wound him up and wound him up, so much so that he broke the elephant. It wouldn’t move, it fell over when he tried to stand it up. I tell you all this because William (2) was so sad when the elephant broke. There was a tear. It was so cute! Poor guy. Finally, something happened and the clown revealed that it was a tiny dog in an elephant costume. Hooray! William was happy then. Another funny Lemmon story, while all the adults were talking about what the elephant possibly was, Olivia looked at us and said, “It’s an elephant!”

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