This child gets a case of the hiccups every couple days. Last night he had them twice while I read in bed. It is one of the strangest feelings, not to mention I hate it myself when I get the hiccups. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about being pregnant is it’s been six months since I’ve had the hiccups. There’s no room for my diaphragm to twitch.

Another strange thing: I hate when I’m eating and Matty decides it’s a good time to move around. This happens less often than you would think but when it does I stop eating until he calms down. The thought of putting more stuff into my stomach when there is something rolling around in my belly is just plain creepy.

Violet Lemmon was born August 3 and I got to hold her at a friend’s baby shower. (If I haven’t shared this with you before I’m surrounded by other pregnant women…there seems to be a constant rate of at least 15 women at the Stone who are expecting.) I sat down in a chair and rested her on my belly, which is now quiet a bulge. She got a case of the hiccups, shuddered and squirmed a little bit, all the while Matthew was moving around under her. That was weird.

Overall I’m having fun and if pregnancy continues to be this breezy over the next 4 1/2 weeks I could do this eight more times. And as I sign off at 10:35am just want you to know this child of mine has another case of the hiccups.

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