It is crazy how quickly things are changing. On Sunday there was no tooth, on Monday there’s a tooth! We had a little bit of warning, but it just popped out pretty quick. The same with Matthew sitting up. He still wobbles, but just three days ago he couldn’t hold himself up at all. It is fun watching his development, but I am also sad at how quickly he’s changing. I miss my little little baby, who used to sleep all day in my arms. Really, it’s exciting to watch him grow. It just makes me want to have another baby and do it all over again now.

For those who like dates

March 6: Matthew laughed

March 15: five months old

March 16: sits up

March 17: first tooth breaks through

As you can see, March has been a busy month so far.

Since Lisa and Matt live in Austin now they watch Matthew on Monday nights so Doug and I can have a date night. We’ve only had it twice so far but it has been a huge help in giving us the space to have some time alone together. It makes us both better parents. Last night we were going to see Horton Hears a Who, but something else had taken over the theater…BATS! It reminds me of the bat that lived in our house for a few weeks when I was ten. Instead, we went to Amy’s Ice Cream and sat outside and talked. Much better use of our time, although we’ll see Horton and the whos someday.

Megan (our beautiful husky/german shepherd mix) is felling neglected. I know this because she peed on our bed. Sometimes our lives are pretty comical. Doug and I were extremely ticked off. But Matthew has taught me how to funnel my frustration/rage, so I refrained from beating the tar out of her. It was pretty amusing. I wanted to hit her so much, but every time those feelings rose up inside me, they were quickly dispersed into calm and an attitude of being willing to deal with the situation of cleaning up the mess. And that comes straight from taking care of Matthew. When he is screaming bloody murder and nothing I do calms him down, it can get a little frustrating. But as soon as the frustration starts to rise, patience quickly displaces any frustration. If all else fails I can just lay him in his crib and go take a shower. That always works.

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