December 17: Started sleeping through the night pretty regularly

January 26: Rolled over three times (waited three weeks and started doing it again)

February 2: Acquired an uncle (the first of many, hopefully)

February 3: Found his feet

February 22: First attempts at a laugh

A few other highlights: He’s smiling, playing, grabbing for things. He loves standing up more than anything else. He’s getting better at sitting up. He can push himself up pretty far when he’s on his tummy. He is very excited about ice cream.

Things I’ve learned: don’t take a hard core stance on something too early on, unless it deals with character development and truth. Doug and I had a pretty hard-line stance about thumb sucking. When we realized thumb = sleeping through the night, we quickly relented.

At least once a week we try to spend a day outside. Usually we go rock climbing with daddy, but this past Saturday we went jet skiing at the lake. Matthew put his feet in the water, but it was too cold to do any swimming.

We’ve had lots of family time. Aunt Amy has been visiting for three weeks. We went and watched Auntie Anna swim at the state swim meet this past Saturday. And Aunt Lisa and Uncle Matt just moved here from Tyler, TX.

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  1. I’m glad we’ve moved on in the blog world from you having an intruder in your body…you’re such a good mom!!! I love you sister and miss you and your baby so so much!!! Give him kisses from me and sing him our song!

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