In March we visited family in Virgnia Beach. Matthew flew like a pro, with only small amounts of fussiness because we woke him up at 5am. But who isn’t cranky at 5am? And mommy’s arms just aren’t the most comfortable place to sleep for a growing baby.

While there we went to Orange to see my dad’s land, visited two wineries in the area, and looked at some horses. Opa (aka Grandpa Jerry) fed Matthew some whipped cream. This was the first thing Matthew tasted and mommy was not very happy with Grandpa…but she’ll get over it.
We also spent Easter with them and enjoyed a relaxing day with a tradtional Thanksgiving meal. Appearantly a traditional Easter meal is lamb (makes sense); while, Oma (aka Chris) and family usually ate ham, but that wasn’t palatable to the Drinka clan so we opted for turkey.

Matthew has two teeth now. The other one came through at the end of last week. He looks different with teeth, older somehow.

He’s also started saying “dadadadadada.” He hasn’t associated it with anything, but his vocabulary is increasing.

And crawling…as you can see from the video ( he’s getting there. He can definitely get to something when he wants it, but he looks more like a catepillar than a crawler.

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