Nothing slows this child down, congestion, fever or a few bumps and bruises. He ran into the wall this morning and there were tears, for a minute, and then he was back to wildly running around. I pulled his tractor out yesterday for him. He enjoyed riding on it for a few minutes, then he figured out he could pull it over next to things, like the couch and the coffee table, and use it to climb on top of them. He still loves climbing! We’ve got boxes around our apartment waiting to box things up so the other night Doug built Matthew a maze. They played in it for an hour or more. I used that time to read.
Another fun factoid, Matthew has started signing “more.” He doesn’t do it every time and yesterday when he wanted more snack he just put his empty snack container in my lap to communicate that he was still hungry. Matthew has also started trying to build with his blocks instead of just knocking over towers. He’ll pick up a block and add it to whatever Doug or I are building. He lacks finesse, so usually he still ends up knocking it over but it’s so neat to see him learning and trying.

what Matthew wants for Christmas…

As for the shrimp (that’s the little one’s current size measurement: about as big as a medium shrimp), we heard his/her heartbeat on Friday. It’s always a relief to hear that at this stage because beside feeling exhausted and packing on a couple pounds (2 exactly the past 12 weeks) I never know if (s)he’s doing OK. The heartbeat was in the 160’s and we’re both healthy. In eight weeks will find out if shrimpy is a he or a she. I told Doug this morning that I did not want to spend so much on clothes this time around, so if we have a girl unless you want her dressing like a little boy (or at least very boring) spread the love. šŸ™‚

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